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Latest Episode

Joining me in this episode is James Clarke, leader of Renew. Renew is a political party formed in the UK in 2017, by a number of then independent candidates who ran in the 2017 general election. Renew UK was founded, “because a break-up of our two paralysed parties of government can overcome our utterly dysfunctional politics” and was described in 2018 as “a political party trying to reverse Brexit”. However, James Clarke says Renew are a platform that can bring a broader range of experience and knowledge into politics and I ask him whether “centrism” is a legitimate political  Read More

Joining me in this episode is co- founder and CEO of The 3 million, Nicolas Hatton. The 3 million is the largest campaign organisation for EU citizens in the UK, formed after the 2016 EU referendum to protect the rights of people who have made the UK their home. We discuss promises made to E.U. citizens during the campaign, what the situation has been like for the past 4 years, what it means to need to apply to live in the country you call home and what comes next for the millions of E.U. citizens who want to continue their lives in the U.K. Nicolas discusses important issues around the  Read More

In this episode, we discuss Jacob Rees-Mogg’s indignation at UNICEF trying to feed hungry children, the easing of restrictions for Christmas, COVID contract corruption, Schools rolling out lateral flow tests in January, Kent gaining an international reputation as being the “Toilet of England” and where we stand with Brexit. We end with our favourite Christmas movies.

In this episode, with the UK on the brink of an “Australia-style” Brexit non-deal, we discuss the week that got us here. We also talk about whether or not “remainers” are to blame for the current predicament.

In this episode, we discuss the good news about a COVID vaccine, the claim that Brexit sped-up the approval process, the Conservative rebellion against lockdown tiers, the scrapping of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, the looming deadline for Brexit talks - and the obsession with fishing over other industry - and the reality of Brexit hits people with holiday homes in the E.U.

In this episode, we discuss the post-lockdown tiers for different regions of the UK, latest spending review, the Priti Patel bullying report, the Goodlaw project’s court cases seeking judicial review of COVID procurement contracts and the Brexit test that caused 5-mile tailbacks in Kent.

In this episode, Chris and Phil Moorhouse discuss Dominic Cummings “leaving”, the Brexit cliff-edge, Boris Johnson’s comments on devolution, the Mails on Sunday’s comments about Marcus Rashford and the prospect of a “normal” COVID Christmas.

How will the government manage a Biden administration? New groups emerge in the Conservative party. Will Nigel Farage’s Trump-like tactics take off here? How will the university evacuation work?

In this episode, I speak to Green Party councillor Matthew Snedker about the Climate Crisis, Green Energy, how the FPTP system drives extremism in U.K. politics.

In this episode I talk to Dr Richard Johnson, lecturer in U.S. history at QMUL and author of “The end of the 2nd reconstruction Obama, Trump, and the Crisis of Civil Rights”. We discuss the divisions in U.S. politics, the role of courts in U.S. democracy, the electoral college and whether parallels can be drawn between the polarisation that exists in the U.S. and U.K.